AI Assistant For Team

Supercharge Your Team's Productivity With Customized AI Assistant

Understand Your Team . Assist will never be good enough without understanding your team
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Customized Agents . Capture proprietary workflow for your team
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Plan And Execution . Plan and execute your query by writing and executing code
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Assistants that's built for your work


Revia is a super assistant that can answer questions based on data from your internal data, such as your notion, github, slack, google etc.

Model Agnostic

Works with any language model, including OpenAI, Google, and others open source models, including your private deployed models

Customized Agent

Collaborate with your team to build a customized agent that captures your proprietary workflow, and plug into Revia

Enterprise Data Integration

Connect with your private data sources with ease, handle auto-sync

Advanced Code Sandbox

Revia can accomplish more complex tasks by writing and executing code, Revia can also do self correction if things go wrong

Fine grained Access Control

Fine grained access control to your data, agent, and more, with audit log of every execution step

Data Ownership

You completely own your data, including every conversation generated by your team members and agents

API Everywhere

Almost every feature in ReByte is exposed as an API, so you can build your own tools on top of it