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Discover pre-built and custom Agents to improve your workflow

Try ReByte

For knowledge workers' daily productivity tasks


  • Discover prebuilt Agents
  • Unlimited custom Agents
  • Access to pre-built Agents
  • Share your agents or knowledge to public
  • Up to 3 custom Knowledge sources, 100 documents for each knowledge source
  • Up to 3 Customized UI apps
  • Up to 20 code interpreter sessions per day
  • Free 100 LLM action calls per day
  • Support

  • Community Support


$10 / month

Create more powerful Tools with agent

For individual developer and early stage startups to prototype their Generative AI features


  • Share your apps with others
  • Choose different embedding providers, not just OpenAI
  • Unlimited LLM action calls through Rebyte App, including OpenAI, Claude2, Gemini, Hosted OpenSource Models and other model supported by agent builder. Subject to fair use policy
  • Unlimited custom Knowledge Sources, Unlimited documents for each knowledge source
  • Unlimited Customized UI apps
  • Unlimited code interpreter sessions
  • API access to agent, subject to fair use policy
  • Personal use only, not for commercial use
  • Support

  • Email support during business hours


$6 / user / month $6 per additional user

Collaborate with your team to build Agent

For teams looking to scale and enable team collaboration


  • Fine grained access control over knowledge, agents and apps
  • Realtime Collaboration on agent builder
  • Use your own LLM API key for better stability
  • Use different embedding providers, not just OpenAI
  • Enterprise data integrations, including Google Workspace for enterprise, OneDrive for business, etc.
  • Support

  • Email support during business hours
  • 1 dedicated technical contacts

Developer Plan

Built with ReByte and ship to your own customers.

For companies that want to build applications on top of ReByte and ship to their own customers.


  • usage based pricing
  • private cloud deployment available
  • Support

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